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Jul 27, 2005

Sometimes, I just hate being right...

I found this several days ago, but have so far been too lazy to actually work up the indignation to post. Actually, indignation isn't the right word, but for lack of a better term right now let's go with that.

That's right, less than a month after my original posting suggesting that some weirdo out there was going to start using these bug swatters as sex toys, we have photographic proof online. Not only that, but as I absolutely refuse to pay for porn anymore, that means that somewhere out there, someone bought the damn thing online, had it delivered, arranged a photo shoot, put the pictures online, and it was able to percolate it's way down to me through the various free teaser sites in under three weeks. Why three weeks you ask? Oh come on, these folks are California based most likely, what use would they have in their normal course of activities for an electrified fly swatter? I'm willing to wager that some intern there or someone saw the Boing Boing post, and had the same thought I did.

God I hate being right sometimes...

From the Department of Corrections (Temporal)

Then of course there are the times I am wrong, like earlier in this post when I screwed up the time frame involved. Ok, so it was the beginning of last month that I wrote about the bug swatter and it's eventual uses, not this month. Which does give them a much more comfortable leeway of around seven weeks or so.

My point concerning the inevitability of the perversion however, stands.



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