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Jun 5, 2005

From the Department of Unintended Uses

Impromptu Sex Toys Division

From Boing Boing comes the second hand account of an electrified fly swatter. Apparently this thing is designed so you can run around looking like a tool, waving this thing randomly about in front of you in the hopes of catching bugs in mid flight and zapping them to death.

Electrified Bug Swatter

Pink and Black? Who is this intended for, Hot Topic?

Now the picture located both on Boing Boing and the original site is rather non-descriptive when it comes to scale, but does lend the device to certain other considerations, especially given it's coloration, certain people I know, and where they work. The original site is also slightly afflicted with a light case of Engrish it would seem, as exhibited by this quote describing the units safety...

Is it safe?
Very safe. It has an external protective mesh on both sides of the live electric inner mesh. Just do not touch inside the protective mesh. Anyway current comes live when you activate the On button, but static charge may persist.
So it purports to include safety features, one of which is simply an admonition not to be a dumbass, which we all know never works in real life. It would also seem to me, that if people are going to end up using this for what I am assuming it will end up being perverted into, I am sure it would be a simple modification to alleviate some of those safety features. To be certain though, seeing the device with some reference to scale would be helpful.

Electrified Bug Swatter

Soon to be Repackaged as the Electro-Paddle.

Luckily, the originating page runs Google text ads, which I normally ignore, but which this time saves me the hassle of trying to track down further images of these devices. The first ad link leads to a site where you can order a version of the device that has it's own, erm...merits.

As a manufacture and one of the largest wholesaler of this unique product world-wide we highly recommend The Single Metal Grill Bug Zapper-most popular style zapper on the market. It is simple, cheaper and works well !
Oh goodie! Cheaper and simple! That's always good isn't it? But what about safety of these units that this manufacture is offering?
It is easy effective and hygienic way to eliminate mosquitoes, insects and other pests. But it should be kept out of the reach of children! Do not let active unit come in contact with any people,animals, water and combustible materials.
Oh...that seems to be a bit less concerned with built in safety features and instead relies soley on the discretion of the user to assure that the device is used in a safe and responsible manner...

So the question that remains is, how soon until you think we see these for sale down at The Chamber for use by all the electrostim and CBT enthusiasts?

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