Erstwhile Muse

Dec 13, 2004

WCBE is at it again...

Where's my tinfoil hat?

My first free day, all to myself. No work, no school, nobody coming over to the house. So a very boring day, but one in which I can begin the laborious process of cleaning up my computer to the point where I can commence with backup procedures, and then on to the system rebuild. Overall a process that is long overdue...

Part of that process is sorting through all of my music files, copying them over to the Archos for storage and eventual transport to the HTPC, and general organizational maintenance issues. I've been at it for a few hours or so here, having had to burn some files to disc first for archival purposes, whilst enjoying the leftovers of omelet fixin's from yesterday. Omelets that were apparently well received by all who sampled them, even if they were sans mushrooms, but oh well.

Now obviously I can't sit here in abject silence as I do all of this, least I go quite mad with boredom and tedium. So, as is usual for me, I've had WCBE on all morning. Someone there is apparently much like my mother, and needs to hear fucking Christmas music way too much for there own good. It's still well over a week before you need to be inundating me with this crap for hours on end folks.

Apparently the mind-reading beam that WCBE has pointed towards my bedroom though can be over-ridden by the Aura of Loathing™, even if only via unconscious means. This was evidenced most strongly when I went to sort through the Leonard Cohen folder, and immediately heard some of his newest album begin playing almost immediately as my mouse stopped making clicking noises. That's a bit too strong of a correlation if you ask me. I must find a way too consciously tap this new found power...



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