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Jun 23, 2004

NPR is scanning my brain as I sleep...

I swear to god they must be.

So one of my roommates and I were up late last night talking about random crap, and somewhere along the way I got to describing my little pet concept for how to renovate parking garages when I become benevolent dictator—I prefer the term philosopher king really, but others tend to disagree with me. In short it consists of utilizing the roof space of parking garages for things like solar and wind power, cellular network repeaters and plant growth. Certainly it removes some of the useful parking space, but who really wants to park on an elevated slab of concrete in the blazing sun and other inclement weather?

So there I am this morning sluggishly waking up when my brain finally begins paying attention to the news segment that's playing on WCBE. It's a Morning Edition report on green roofs, which is pretty much spot on a description of just what I had been describing the night before, at least in the vegetative aspect.

I swear to god those fuckers are scanning my brain sometimes....

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