Erstwhile Muse

Jul 6, 2004

Minor Changes

Ok, quick little post here to test a few things out here. The observant among you may have already noticed that I changed the description for this site to something a little more accurate. I'm also going to experiment with the whole commenting system that Blogger has going on here, so a few minor template changes will more than likely ensue in the near future.Well that was a quick abortive little attempt. I found out rather rapidly I do not like the way Blogger implements commenting, so I have removed it. That lasted all of five minutes...


 Blogger Kingboy said...

Testing the code

Jul 6, 2004, 10:27:00 PM
 Blogger Kingboy said...

Obviously, comments are up and running once again, despite what this entry says. See this entry for relevant details.

May 18, 2008, 1:12:00 PM

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