Erstwhile Muse

Mar 28, 2007

Super Comment Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

In a fit of piquant boredom today between work and classes, I decided to have another go at setting up Blogger's comment system in a way that I could tolerate. Hence you will notice the new links at the bottom of new entries (and older ones as I go back and enable them). I may still make some minor design changes to the look and such, but for the most part I think I have it down mostly how I want them to work.

Some minor details should be noted:

  1. The link listing a certain number of monkeys is connected to bit of javascript that hides or shows the comments as desired. By default, comments are hidden, but can be shown by clicking this link.
  2. The following link takes you to the comment posting page. I have currently set up the comment system so that you do not need a Google accounts sign-in (although it's terribly easy to get one) to post comments, but please do me the favor of at least using the Other option and putting your name down. Regardless you will have to fill out the captcha form so as to cut down on possible comment spam.
  3. I also have comment moderation turned on, so if you don't see a comment appear right away, it's because it's waiting on me to approve it. I'm doing this mostly as a further preventative measure against comment spam, and as a way to encourage people to put their names down.



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