Erstwhile Muse

Jan 23, 2009

[MOBILE] My kingdom for a simple fucking image editor on this fucking phone....

By all rights, the process of taking and sending photos on my current camphone *should* be easier than it was on my old burner, the VM Cyclops. Sadly this is not the case.

Oh sure, it's cheaper now that I have unlimited text and a removable memory card. That's the only benefit, and it comes at a pretty hefty cost. Hardware-wise, I've exchanged the Cyclop's LED "flash" for the ability to take photos with the camera closed--mhe. Add to that though the fact that Verizon's photo software blows; no cropping, resizing, nor rotating functions to be had, even as a for-pay download. Forget posting anything shot portrait mode directly to Facebook et. al....

Also, let it be known that if I *ever* run into the fucking idiot UI designer(s) that decided to make both the Send *AND* OK buttons send text messages, especially given that *both* are easily accidentally pressed trying to use the fucking recessed four-way rocker switch or the CLR button, I *will* give them a 50,000 volt Tesla enema.


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