Erstwhile Muse

Dec 8, 2008

[MOBILE] What I've learned so far (when it comes to mobile posting)...

Well, it seems my first test for the new phone was decidedly more successful than the singular test for the ol' Cyclops I used to have on Virgin Mobile. For one, the attached photo actually came through since Verizon sends standard MMS messages instead of the goofy malformed versions that VM spat forth. Additionally, Verizon spares me from dealing with retarded, deprecated markup like the <center> tags foisted upon me by some braindead marketdroid from VM who I am sure thought they were "hip" and "cool" (most assuredly spurred on by crappy focus group testing/demographic data). As a bonus, I can now correctly send some special control characters like "return", allowing me to utilize--gasp!--paragraphs, unlike before (although it seems you need two of them together to get a new line action out of them).

So all in all it seems a much more useable system, with those issues that I have had so far being only those that can be lain at the feet of inept UI designers. C'est la vie...


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