Erstwhile Muse

Dec 6, 2008

FWD:Testing anything on here?

As I was bemoaning recently, my phone is currently the most powerful computing platform I own (or would be if I could get the 4 gig memory card to work on a regular basis). My ancient and decrepit lappy is currently suffering from a bad case of fuxored Xubuntu which is making me ponder going back to Windows 2000 so I can at least check my email without frustration (although as a friend said "blame the distro, not Linux"--which I shall, since Debian w/XFCE didn't cause me nearly this many problems). And my main system is still out with a case of dead motherboard, a particularly onerous condition to remedy there days as Socket A/462 boards are no longer being made.
So, in the meantime I am left testing my options for utilizing the phone for a variety of new uses (new to me at least). I've had Twitter up and running for a while now in the sidebar, not that I would have expected most people to notice due to chronic lack of other activity. Now it's time to test the phone's other skizzles.

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