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Mar 27, 2008

Chase Tower, Downtown Chicago

This message is from a Virgin Mobile user. Enjoy.

Upon exiting the CTA's Blue line station at Monroe (having taken said train downtown from O'Hare), one thing was certain, and that was the weather's unhappiness at our arrival. Aside from that, it wasn't sure whether it wanted to rain, snow or sleet, so it decided to alternate between them, finally settling on all three precipitates at once. The (hopefully) enclosed photo is the fog-enshrouded view that greeted us ("us" in this case being myself, my parents, and the German exchange student they've been hosting) upon emerging from the tunnels below. I say hopefully, as I've not yet tried sending photos and accompanying text Blogger via the new phone. While it's more expensive ($0.25 as opposed to $0.05) it's also more expansive, allowing for 1000 characters over the haiku-like 150+ characters of the text only messages .

From the Department of Standards (SNAFU Divison)

I decided to go ahead and add the photo to this post manually, since apparently Virgin Mobile uses an entirely non-standard form of MMS that Blogger cannot handle. I've also left the horrible—and deprecated—HTML coding they used, ridiculous center tags (really VM, center tags—who the hell sends emails/IMs with the text centered?) and all for posterity and as personal reference.


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