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Aug 22, 2007

Type Fiction

When Kill Bill Vol. 1 first came out, I was knee deep in a lot of typographic thought—I had just finished reading The Elements of Typographic Style and Type: The Secret History of Letters and found them both to be rather fascinating reads. Yes, I am an incredible type geek. You'd have to be to find the amusement in Cooper Black: Behind the Typeface.

Long story short—I was geeking out quite a bit during the opening credits for KB V.1 (which I have heard described as an homage to Woody Allen's opening typography, though the link escapes me at the moment). Fast forward a few years to this short yet entertaining clip of Pulp Fiction in Type:

It's been out there on the wilds of the intartubes for a while now, but I ran across it again whilst searching for links for the raygun entry, and I wanted to make sure to mention it before I forgot about it again.

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