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Jul 25, 2007

Not originally what I was looking for…

but it'll do to boggle the mind for now.

Holy fucking shit, I've just had a Lakoff moment. The clouds have parted and I have glimpsed into the heart of the beast to grasp the truth behind uber-right wingers hatred of the gays. Their problem? You buttfuckers (and rugmunchers) out there aren't breeding…

But you say gentle reader, we've heard this ridiculous argument before in the all the hullabaloo about DOMA, stupid state amendments barring homosexual marriage, sanctity of the institution, yakkedy-schmackedyblahblahblah… and you would be most correct in that assessment. It's an argument that's always seemed rather ludicrous in light of the rapidly expanding global population.

That's the twist though you see, the warped lens that you have to view this shit through for it to make any semblance of sense; paranoid, xenophobic crazy sense, but a sort of sense nonetheless. It's a rapidly expanding global population, and we can't have that, nosiree. All you gays in America are too busy having non-reproductive sex out there to partake of your God given duty to spawn more honest, native born (white) Americans to act as foot soldiers to drive back the hoards of filthy, islamofascist brown skinned people already swarming across the borders of the EU in an unstoppable tide of heathen flesh.

Think I'm kidding?

We have written off Britain to the Muslims, he says. Come to America.

That is the finishing quote in an article by Johann Hari in which he tags along on a cruise for raving, aging neo-cons thrown by the magazine National Review. The relevant section is about two-thirds of the way into section four of the article where he begins to describe the discussion of Europe being overrun by Muslims because (t)he ‘European races’ i.e., white people—‘are too self-absorbed to breed…’.

So don't you see? (Cranky old rich white politically empowered) Neo-cons don't hate the gays (just) because they find their sexual predilections disgusting, it's because homosexuals' refusal to have (white, non-Muslim) children is an just another way of letting the terrorists win

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