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May 29, 2007

Tinfoil hat not cutting it?

Make yourself a Thought Screen Helmet!

Dissatisfied with the quality of shielding available from everyday grocery store variety metal film? Tired of devoting an annual budgetary allotment simply to keep your brain free of alien influence? Fret no more gentle readers…with the handy instructions shown at the Stop Alien Abductions website, you too can ensure the sanctity of your brainwaves from extraterrestrial contamination! Note:the site does not mention the helmet's effectiveness against NWO mind control satellites, but as we all know they are using captured alien technology, so there is no reason to believe these nefarious rays would not be stopped as well. While perhaps not as fashionable as the Anti-Negativity Helmetproperly modeled (she can abduct me anytime) this limitation can be avoided —the ability for anyone to ensure their freedom from mental manipulation is of inestimable value.

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