Erstwhile Muse

Apr 9, 2007


And that's mine, and that's mine, and that's mine….

You'll have to forgive me, I've been enjoying a bit of Red Dwarf with Lee lately, so the concept of tagging is currently very tightly linked to a black man with a pompadour and a spray bottle in my mind.

As a further component of my recent drive to make changes and pursue more data about the actual usage of the site, I have started using the labels function of the Blogger engine (what would be called tags most other places, hence the British television references) to categorize my rambling monkey-typings. Now, there are certainly times when the labels used will make little sense to anyone by myself—most anything listed under girls will likely fall under this category—but it does mean I can offer the ability for people to browse the archives by topic instead of solely by date. You will find bright shiny new links in the right hand content menu specifically for this purpose, browse at you leisure should you feel so inclined.

There are some benefits and some oddities I have noticed in the process however. As I go back and label some of the older posts, they also are set up to accept comments as that is the default for new entries these days, saving me some effort on that front. The oddness arises from some arcane interaction between the new method of publication in Blogger and Feedburner, which is the service I use to provide my RSS feed. I suspect it has something to do with the way the Blogger servers ping the Feedburner server with updates, but I have no specific proof of this, nor do I really have the inclination to track any down; the practical side of the issue is simply that it appears that some older entries may show up at random intervals in my feed, at least until I am finished tagging everything. So those of you that are seeing things that you are sure you've read before creep into the little feed widget I recently added to my MySpace page—you're probably right.



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