Erstwhile Muse

Mar 6, 2007

I hate you...

Nobody wants you here, why don't you just go back to Broadway.

Apparently, I have developed a bit of a Reputation.

At least within the confines of my Oral Interpretation class, I am considered One Whom You Do Not Wish To Follow. The subtext being I suppose that following in the wake of my performance somehow sets one up to be compared to unfair perceptions concerning one's own skills. The title and subtitle of this post are near-as-I-remember direct quotes of one reaction to my second performance, a selection from Assassins wherein I played both Oswald and Booth. I choose to take it as a compliment; I will do my best to not let it get to me.

This of course could prove difficult in light of today's in-class workshop. I don't recall who said what at this point, but my workshop group consisted mostly of myself and attractive younger women—I have yet to determine precisely how I seem to end up in this situation so often yet am unable to capitalize on it, but research continues apace—whom all seemed to have reasonably favorable opinions of my interpretive abilities. It was the I like to hear his voice comment that actually made my brain pause for a minute; I had to focus all attention on not blushing, or staring at my feet, or any number of other giveaway signs lest I shatter the illusion.

My own illusion that is, the one where I am convinced that I could still do better, that the little nitpicky details I go over in my brain stick in my craw for a reason.

I guess they don't need to know that though...



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