Erstwhile Muse

Feb 22, 2007

Grr,brain smash...!

or A spot of writers block ol' chum

I've been having some hellish writers block as of late, probably largely because what I want to write is the stuff I put up here, and what I need to write is for school, and sadly at the moment the twain doth not meet. After spending far too long this morning bashing my mind against the (quite shitty) keyboard in the computer lab trying to bang out the last bit of an assignment, I've decided I need to do something to clear a little of this blockage.

What this means for you dear reader is that I'm going to be going back today and hashing out a few of the stubs I've left lying about the page recently via my cell phone. Unless I have valid reason to do otherwise, I will most likely just amend the entry in the spot currently taken up by the emailed message, effectively retroactively adding new content.

Speaking of retroactive....

Bonus Links!
From the Desk of H. Peabody

I've also been mucking about with some ideas for typographic revision to the site here as a whole, and as part of that I went to the Wayback Machine to look up some of the old designs from back when I had my own domain name (which is currently redirecting to some strange Chinese site at the moment). Now you too can marvel at the craptasticness of its initial layout, and the marginally better curved box version (the copy of which is actually missing at least one or two image files). Actually, there are a few ideas in there I wouldn't mind revisiting in some form,now that I have a slightly better grasp on what the hell I'm doing here. Maybe someday soon, when I have a chance to work it out some more.



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