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Feb 13, 2007

No computer? No problem!

We've got your propagantainment covered....

I'm wandering the aisles of the local thrift store as I am want to do from time to time (mostly because this particular thrift has a strange propensity for acquiring Lego sets), when I come across not one, but two nearly mint copies of a rather strange looking board game by the name of Daring Eagle. If you clicked the link before continuing on in your reading, you might have noticed the very odd thing which struck me as I looked closer at the box art (credit must be given where credit is due, they at least hired someone competent to do the graphic design)—the game is put out by the Army National Guard. I was confused....

What, did the Army not have enough left over in the Games budget after the release of America's Army to include the Guard in the promo push? Did someone in the Guard brass get jealous over the fact that the Army proper had better entertainment representation (and most would likely argue, still does)?

All I know is I was half tempted to buy a copy for each of the Dans, but didn't feel like trying to lug them home that day. Spared by apathy fellows....

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Daring Eagle game...WTF?



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