Erstwhile Muse

Feb 3, 2007

Audio turns of fate

In between spates of trying to mangle the pile of computer parts in the center of my floor into something nearing an organized disaster in hopes of putting together a useable workstation or two tomorrow afternoon, I've been roaming the intarwebs looking for various and sundry tidbits to play as background noise, be it music or video clips or what have you. Having exhausted most of the interesting netcasts—expect a more nuanced explanation of that word later, possibly this evening—I listen to on a relative(ish) basis, I went over to Uncle Warren's recently revamped site, as I know he is in the habit of leaving hints to interesting audio tidbits lying about.

Lo and behold, what to my wandering ears should appear, but several recent entries of just that nature. Bonus of bonuses, one had conveniently linked files ripe for my immediate aural gratification. Dropped them on down to the desktop, spun 'em up, and gave them a listen. It didn't take long after firing up the first one, Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken by Camera Obscura, for me to get a sneaking, lingering mental tickle that was telling me I'd heard this somewhere before.

And of course, I'm sure I have. WCBE has played it at least twice, along with a good bit of the rest of the album. I'd say that's a pretty decent indicator for the song though, if one or two listenings half a year or more ago can elicit a feeling of familiarity upon a chance re-encounter with the music. Of course, the fact that it's winsome indie pop fronted by a Glaswegian hipster chick probably does a good bit to cement something like that into my brain. I've had the song playing on repeat while writing this up, a rather certain guarantee that I'm going to have to acquire this album at some point.

Never mind that I've got 19+ gigs of music waiting to be burned to backup discs, and the attendant mp3s sorted out into a useable directory structure...


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