Erstwhile Muse

Nov 4, 2006

Oooh! Shiny!

So I've been poking around a few new sites today just to get back in the habit of finding interesting new things out there in the intarwebs, and I ran across probably the single most wicked cool sushi plate I have ever seen:

Now, at $40 a pop, I'm not likely to be serving up tasty fishy tidbits on these anytime soon, but I still love the design behind these puppies. As opposed to most examples I have been running into in my life these days, these are the perfect blend of form enhancing function. And they look pretty damn sweet to boot.

Bonus Link!

Not able to indulge in consuming sushi off the body of a nude young woman? Maybe you can get that special someone to meet you half way at least and wear some sushi scented perfume.

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