Erstwhile Muse

Nov 4, 2006

Hey Google...

How 'bout you leave the fuck well enough alone already?

I guess a bit of explanation is in order to properly frame the above query to faceless corporations. The last post was supposed to have the subtitle Design/Dinner Lust du Jour. Most of you who have read this site before are well aware of my fascination with subtitling posts. What most of you were probably not familiar with was the design kludge I was using to do this, namely abusing the Link field in the Blogger post template to do my subtilted bidding. Now as is quite obvious from the name of it, the folks at Blogger back in the pre-Google days obviously intended this to be used as a way to post a main hyperlink related to a particular post, but it never required it to be in any particular form. Trying to hash out what the fuck was going on, I noticed the following line tacked on at the bottom of that help page:

You must specify a protocol when using the Link field, i.e. — isn't sufficient

Grr...great, so as part of Google switching everything over from static webpages on a server to dynamically created crap out of a database, some code monkey along the way decided that the link field would hereby force you to put things in a specific format.

Ahh, fuck it...seeing as how this post is likely the final nail in the coffin that is my chances of ever getting AdSense monies out of this site (not that that was something I was really concerned with anyways...), maybe it's time to go check out WordPress and see if maybe they can manage to not fuck up my site on a regular basis.


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