Erstwhile Muse

Apr 16, 2006

The dangers of overly intellectualized inebriation

or <q>Goddam I become a wordy mother-fucker when I'm drunk</q>&mdash;but it doesn't necessarily mean I communicate any better...

In case you hadn't quite assesed this from the topic header, the vast majority of this post is/has been/was being written in a rather advanced state of intoxication. Not falling down, blindingly, pass-out vomiting levels obviously, but rather that state where all the muscles begin to become more fluid and less consticted, including those reponsible for speech, or in this case random monkey tappings at my reliable old Model M(ahh Wikipedia, once again do I profess my love for thee...). At least I started in such a state, as we all know I have certain interesting mental patterns that may actually drag the process of composing this out to the point where sobriety catches up to me. Ye gods I hope not...

Ahh to hell with this, I'm going to ramble on about things I've spent the last half-hour trying not to prattle on about if I continue (see what I mean about over-intellectualization?) and get myself in trouble somewhere I'm quite certain. I figure I'll at least leave it up as an interesting conversational artifact. If nothing else the fact that both my writing and grammar are better, rather hammered , than quite a few people can manage stone cold sober should account for something.

Had to be vodka all night didn't it? No wonder those fucking Russians are all crazy and depressed...remind me to stick to ouzo from now on.



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