Erstwhile Muse

Aug 12, 2005

Reliving my thespian tendencies

Somehow I had gotten it into my head that the plans for a sequel to TRON were pretty much put on eternal hiatus after the video game came out. It was a great game (when the hell did IMDB start doing entries for video games?), but apparently didn't sell quite as well as they were anticipating, so last I had heard all plans for making a movie were cancelled.

Which makes this job listing on Craigslist rather interesting. I have no idea of it's validity, but I see nothing untoward in the ad itself, at least not from my rather novice view of the movie acting biz. Who knows, maybe it's some weirdo making a TRON parody porn movie for all I know. Mostly I come away from the ad with the desire to be about 4 inches taller with a Bruce Campbell-esque chin, but oh well...



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