Erstwhile Muse

Feb 21, 2005


Apparently, killed himself in his home sometime today—well, Sunday, but conceptually it's still Sunday night as I write this.

Now I will have to admit that I mostly know of Dr. Thompson from tertiary references such as Doonesbury's Duke and Spider Jeruslaem, my most direct contact with his work being the movie adaptation of Fear and Loathing and a few articles about last year's craptacular excuse for an election that were available online. I will also have to admit I tend to think of Thompson every now and again when reading Christopher Locke, especially when Rageboy manifests in full force, but this is probably an enhanced reaction from knowing that Locke is the author of Gonzo Marketing.

Where am going with all this random linking? I honestly don't know myself—this is really not the sort of news I expected to come home and read tonight. But there it is...



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