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Jan 24, 2005

Blog of the Living Dead

Last night during some of my catch-up reading, I encountered an odd bit of synchronicity. This happens to me often enough, that my reading will cover a broad enough spectrum of topics to inadvertently loop back in on itself in convoluted ways. This one amused me enough to share...

Over at JOHO, David Weinberger was positing that perhaps what a certain retired celebrity needed was to post his daily bits of inspiration to the world. Now I sort of remember and his long running stint on the Tonight Show, but only in the vaguest of terms. It's not something I'm sure I'd ever be terribly interested in reading on a daily basis, but what the heck.

Now those of you who have been paying at least moderate attention to the news today have probably already figured out that now would probably be an inopportune time for Mr. Carson to begin a new writing endeavor, what with his recent death and all. I began to run across tidbits and pieces on other sites mentioning the fact that Johnny had recently joined the ranks of the deceased as I read last night, and the thought came to mind that that would be a site to read, the blog from beyond the grave. Hell, it'd have to be more entertaining than the lame movie White Noise seems to be.

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