Erstwhile Muse

Dec 24, 2004

Sometimes, you can know too much apparently.

Usually when I end up finding a new webcomic, it's from a link to the main page, which inevitably has the most recent strip shown. All in all an arrangement that makes sense in order to make things easier for the returning audience. It does however mean that I have perfected the skill of reading in reverse chronological order. If I read a bit and like it, I'll start at the beginning, but to get a feel for a strip I just start at the most current and work back.

Which leads me to situations like what I find myself in now, going through the archives of butternutsquash. I have, as of yet, no idea why one of these men has his arm buried wrist deep in an artificial vagina. What I do know is that it took me all of about 1.5 seconds to recognize that fact without any preceding back story.



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