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Dec 22, 2004

Questionable Content

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Part of my normal reading schedule on a daily/semi-daily basis is a handful or three of webcomics that I have aggregated over the years. For the most part it is a fairly stable roster, but every great once in a while something new appears that I find interesting enough to add to the regulars. One of the newest that I have come across is Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques. Like a lot of amateur webcomics, the art starts a bit rough, but also like most of the better ones, it increases admirably with time and practice. I actually enjoy his linework nowadays, especially as it's all done with Photoshop and a Wacom pad, and the color palette he uses for the coffee shop, where a good bit of the story line has been taking place lately is quite pleasing to my earth-tone oriented sensibilities. Still not convinced to go forth and check it out? Let me then compile for you a list...

Random reasons why you should go and read Questionable Content this instant:
  1. It espouses universal truths.
  2. Zombie Monkeys!
  3. It is well versed in the usage of the Something McSomething naming convention as a means of quashing dissent.
  4. An appreciation of Science. Science dammit!
  5. Homages to other popular webcomics without being a suck-up. Hell, the lucky bastard even got John Allison to deliver not only a guest comic, but frickin' fan art as well.
  6. It plumbs the depths of bad gaming so you don't have to.
  7. New ways to taunt Tona. Two words:cervical bruising.
  8. It displays an awareness of not only Beeblebrox's Gambit and the dangers it poses, but the Bear Theorem of Genetic Improvement.

Go ye forth and read my children...



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