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Dec 22, 2004

I've got my love to keep me warm...

A love for knowledge that is.

Ok, so yes, I stole the title for this post from the rather funky jazzish remix of the classic song by the same name currently playing on WCBE. But it works for today. I ventured outside long enough to enjoy the sight of a mostly unspoiled wintery landscape being filled by large wet flakes in my quest to acquire coffee and donuts for a morning repast. I love the winter weather—how's that for two in a row—but I am glad I don't have to go anywhere today. I paid my fees for next semesters class yesterday, I know my paychecks are in the mail, no Christmas shopping left to worry's just me and the internet today.

You may all begin quaking in fear now.

I'll be here and there, doing some testing, some writing, and a lot of reading. Copious, obscene amounts of reading. Perhaps even reading copious amounts of obscene material, who knows, the day is yet young. All I know is that I have wandered the streets of Paragon City long enough for a while, and need something different to kill a day. Do not be surprised though if certain entries appear on days that have passed—I have at least three different entries that have been in draft mode for some time, and I plan on finishing them today, now that I am free from the clutches of school, work and a burning desire to deliver swift justice to the criminal element.

Ah yes, I can feel the caffeine begin to course through my veins, and Spider's whispering in my ear. Maybe that's the sugar rush—who cares. This could be fun...

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