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Nov 21, 2004

Sweet Dreams...

a little bittersweet at times.

I've spent most of today back in Ashland, helping my sister and brother-in-law move a metric ass-ton of shit (mostly my sisters) into their new house, which is really rather nice actually. I hate moving, hate it with a passion, but I enjoy spending time with the family now and then, especially my little nephew, who I am intent on thoroughly corrupting, just to spite his mother. So here I am...

X-Play hottie Morgan Webb

Morgan Webb...a damn fine reason to watch television.

Now spending time back at the old homestead does have a few inherent drawbacks, being forced to rely on dialup for internet access being chief among them. This coupled with the castration of TechTV—one of the few bits of television I would, with gleeful guilty pleasure gorge myself on when visiting, if for nothing else than to get my Morgan Webb fix—leaves me with very little to occupy myself with after, say 10:00 or so other than to very slowly catch up on some of my normal internet reading.

I went through a bit of my normal routine, checking for things new and freakish in the world. I cruised over to some of the more geeky tech and policy related sites that I browse through, and spent a good couple of hours link-hopping from there. A bit of minor Salon reading and research on the Compaq luggable that I had inherited as part of the moving operations rounded out the series of tabs fired up in Firefox quite nicely for a while.

Multi-tasking like this is a great way to compensate for dialup in my opinion, allowing you to read a bit in one vein whilst waiting for other subjects to hurry and load the hell up already—I have no defence for this sort of behavior while at home on broadband, but that's not the point right now. Eventually however, even a ravenous infovore such as myself can suffer from overload, especially as evening wanes and the time becomes more adequately described as morning.

I needed a bit of a change of pace before I called it a night however, so I wandered over to Halley's page to see what she'd been writing about recently. Ms. Suitt is a quite obviously a rather intelligent woman, and the well written mix of geek news and commentary mixed with personal insights is why I find her one of my more enjoyable, if infrequent, reads. So I switched off the other tabs and settled into reading Halley a bit before popping off to bed. All goes fine and well until I get about a quarter of the way down the page and run into this post:

Black and white photo of lovers entwined.

No commentary, no explanation, and suddenly I'm no longer thinking about interesting technology news, or web design, or ruminations on the effects of technology on society, but instead I'm fixated on how my libido's been in some sort of ludicrous over-drive yearning for that sort of pre-mid-post coital tangle of limbs, the press of flesh against warm sweaty flesh that you just can't replicate any other way.

I doubt very much the dreams will be sweet tonight...



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