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Nov 30, 2004

Rollin' rollin' rollin'...

We are, we are, we are...

Ah, the holidays. For many, a time of greatly increased stress and frustration. Not so for me however, as classes let out at both Columbus State and CCAD, I actually get a little bit of a break from the pace that's been near constant since the middle of Ren Faire season—say, mid-September or so. Rather, my problem usually ends up being that time honored combination of lots of good home cooked food and too much time to indulge in sloth.

But it's not over yet, which is a good thing for my waistline. I get a bit of a reprieve from the time-crushing schedule that's had me eating way to much fast food and junk for my own good, and just enough impetus to start riding my bike more often. Don't get me wrong, I love the new bike racks that COTA has installed, and have made great use of them. Perhaps a little too much use of them lately, at least as often as Wendy's has been my mainstay. So it's fortuitous that I missed my bus on Monday, and after a moment to pause and consider a plan, I just said to hell with it and biked downtown. Yeah it was cold, but I'm built for cold weather, and with a well bundled coat and gloves I was all good. Plus, it meant I had a chance to indulge in a little people slaloming once I hit campus.

Now people slaloming is just what it sounds like for those of you uninitiated to the past-time, that is whizzing through foot traffic at a moderately quick speed, making course corrections to go around and between as many people and things as possible. Normally this is a fairly low risk endeavor, as the only segment of the populace in Columbus more oblivious to bike traffic is approximately 95% of the drivers in this town, the ones that are going to end up with a size 12 boot print in their fender next time I have to dive out of the way of them pulling their goddam land barges into the cross walk. Yeah I'm talking to you, jackass on the cell phone—next time it won't be a tap, it'll be a dent you fucker. I digress...

I'm happily slaloming my way down High Street, humming a little tune to myself, when I realize I have the terribly strong urge to ride right over people. Not just people, I'm going out of my way to hit anything with an interesting yet squishable mass. Normally this only happens when I have had too much of the stupid, and is considerably more malicious in nature than my current, yet rather odd, inclination. It then strikes me that it may have something to do with what it is that I am humming that is having this particular effect. You see, Andy was kind enough to lend me Katamari Damacy, which I promptly thrashed my way through in a little under a day. Yep, it's that kind of game folks, addictive as hell. And the music is just as absorbing as the game play, as others can attest to, just ask the people I introduced the game to this weekend— still humming along with me there Tona?

So there I am, merrily zipping down the road, wanting nothing more than to run folks over and add them to a huge ball of stuff to be flung into space, or as Dan likes to put it, make them become One with the Many. Oh if only my bike could actually perform such wonders...

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