Erstwhile Muse

Oct 28, 2004

WTF mate?

I am <em>so</em> fucking ready for this election bullshit to be over...

I just received the wierdest fucking phone call I've answered in, oh, the past week at least. Ohio's Secretary of State Ken Blackwell called to make sure I was voting, and that I knew where the proper precinct was for me to go and perform my civic duty. Wow, what a guy that Ken Blackwell, to be so concerned that he'd call me to make sure my vote counted this year...

Except of course it wasn't Ken Blackwell, but Robo-Ken Blackwell sending me an automated 30 second voter poll down my telephone line. How much fucking cash did that cost I'm wondering Ken? What's the matter, didn't feel all the press concerning your little directive on provisional ballots got the point across?

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