Erstwhile Muse

Oct 5, 2004

God Bless the Japanese.

Weird Sex shit from Japan that isn't gross or creepy‽ Get out of here...

Ok, in general I think we've all learned by now that when it comes to Japan + Sex + the Internet, usually it's a good idea to avoid the subject unless you have a strong constitution or a severe sense of personal loathing. That of course goes doubly for any such link found by Warren Ellis.

Like any good rule though, this one has it's exception, and I think we've finally found it in the form of a news story about a Japanese company that has developed vibrating condoms. From the sounds of it there's nothing disturbing involved with these particular little safe sex toys—well, apart from sending a worker out to brothels to do clitoral geography measurements. One would assume there had to be a better way to ascertain that sort of data, but if that is the worst thing we can say about this story, we're probably all doing pretty good in the long run.

No word though in the article on when—or if—the condoms will become available outside of Japan. Dammit...



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