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Oct 1, 2004


Just a quick one at the moment, but I figured this was important enough to link to:

Voters Information Guide for the 2004 US Election

And if there's any of you punk monkeys out there reading this who haven't yet registered, don't let me catch you. I'm gonna check tomorrow to see if I have to register again since I moved again, just to be sure. October 4th is the deadline here in Ohio—that's Monday for those of you not paying attention. If I have somehow managed to get readers from out of state at this point, go check out Halley's list of deadlines for all the remaining states in the union (the girl has some time on her hands methinks).

From the More Useful Links Department

I stopped in at the library today to drop off some overdue CDs and to update the address on my voter registration. I found out they have some pretty good links on their site. That hyperlink goes to a page that describes the candidates and issues that will be voted on this November. Yes, we all know that the presidential election is important, but that doesn't mean you can all be slackards and not know what else your voting on. Become an informed electorate dammit...<handy>Read a book!</handy>.

They also have a link there to the Franklin County Board of Elections, which really has a much better site than I would have hoped for. You can search to see if and where you are registered, and learn everything you need to know to correct the situation if you are not currently registered to vote at your current address. It's not hard folks—hell, you can do it online— but time is running out.

And remember, every time someone forgets to register, God strangles a masturbating kitten. Or something like that...



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