Erstwhile Muse

Aug 10, 2004

A Light in Dark Places

I am so much a goddam geek...

Maybe it's from playing too much Angband, where I could Identify the Phial of Galadriel without even casting the damn spell. Maybe it's just due to the fact that Cate Blanchett ruled as Galadriel—although given my druthers I think I'd still rather have some sweet sweet hobbit lovin'.

What the hell am I babbling about you ask? Linkhop with me, if you will.

In my marathon catching up session at the coffee house—yes, I'm still there—I headed over to Doc Searl's page to see what he'd been writing about recently. While there I came across the link he had to a gentleman by the name of Jerry Michalski and his suggestions to the Democratic Party titled To the Democrats: Light, Memory and Discourse. I got to the fourth point under Light, when I started hearing Cate Blanchett in my head describing the Star of Elendil.

Like I said, a big damn geek. Gotta admit, that'd be kinda a cool campaign poster though, no? A little remix of Return of the King movie posters featuring Kerry and Edwards?

Hell, it might finally make up my mind to vote Kerry for some reason other than just anyone but Bush.



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