Erstwhile Muse

Aug 4, 2004


I feel ill, disoriented, disjointed.

It's not a physical ailment, not with my immune system.

No, this is psychic, a soul-sickness. Feeling lost and longing.

Hopefully I'm over-reacting. And if I'm not, hopefully I can make my case, make it better.

Ye gods I hate being some vague, sappy simpering buffoon, but details are not for general consumption, even if I do feel the need to share otherwise.

The worst part is being here, not there. I cant do anything here—the entire day so far has been a lot of doing nothing, and it's driving me nuts.

Grrrarrrrgh...oh well. I'm starting to think in markup and code now, maybe I can at least go distract myself 'til tommorrow comes.

And tommorrow I will be—I don't know what I'll be, but it will at least be a new day. Hopefully, a good one at that.



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