Erstwhile Muse

Jul 7, 2004

I'm surprised it took this long.

Now Nerve just isn't as much fun to read since Grant Stoddard left, but I browse over there every now and again just to see what's up. They have started up a new section posting snippets of news concerning sex in the media which, while not nearly as entertaining as Fleshbot tends to be, still had a couple of interesting articles.

Like the one about the Nude Women's Wrestling League. Now from what I could tell the wrestling here is even worse than what you would find in your average match of Kaiju Big Battel—hell, at least those guys look like they're trying. But I will have to give them this; they know the unwritten law of American capitalism, wherein smut—and I mean smut here, dirty naughty smut, not just sex—is a guaranteed money maker. Especially as the country gets more and more visibly repressed in the media after Janet's little nip slip.

It's also amusing that they've gone back to the sort of blatant lack of concern that the old WWF had—and by old I mean back when I was a kid. They have their own updated versions of Sergeant Slaughter and the Iron Sheik in the guises of Harriet Bush and Layla Hussein. That alone earns them a bemused smirk from me, no matter what I think of the rest of their endeavor.



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