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Jul 14, 2004

Do not taunt the Kingboy with your boredom

for he has brain fryee powers at his command.

Sometimes my powers of web synchronicity can be amazing, and yet frightening at the same time. Just ask Hocker, who was the original recipient of this particular little fusillade when he made the mistake of IMing me that he was bored. Foolish lad...

During my daily reading, I inevitably make a stop over at . Yesterday they had a great link to a site of 3D modeled early generation Transformers. As a child of the 80's and a big 3D geek, I am all over this of course, especially the animated transformation movies. All of this is pretty cool I thought, fits right along with the flash animated breakdancing Decepticons that I had linked to me a few weeks ago. I still say it would have worked better with Blaster the Autobot, Soundwave is just too somber for break beats—oh well, the price of relative obscurity I suppose.

Now fastforward to, a spot of particularly deranged strangeness. Here we find a link that promises to (soil) your childhood, one memory at a time. Oooh, fun! Let's go look shall we?

That's right kiddies, Transformers fan-porn. I'd say I'm surprised, but that would be lying as I'm a jaded ass motherfucker at this point, and only Warren Ellis has any real chance of provoking that response anymore. And only on a really good day at that. Hocker however is not so lucky, and after I rapid fired those links to him I think I broke his brain temporarily—he told me to put down the keyboard and step away from the computer.

No, if I was going to be surprised at anything it's that I haven't yet come across 3D animated Transformers porn. Note that I said yet—rest assured I am sure it will happen at some point. Just look at the vast swath of Poser porn out there if you need proof of that. Still not convinced that computer generated porn of all types is a thriving sub-culture? Perhaps you should browse the CGI archives over at Fleshbot.

So remember kids, always think twice before telling me that you're bored—you may just regret it later...

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