Erstwhile Muse

Jun 15, 2004

Crush, Kill, Destroy !!!!!

IE must die....seriously, must fucking die already

So apparently, even after fucking around with the template to get it to work—or so I thought—with IE, Microsoft's craptacular excuse for a browser can still screw the pooch at low resolutions. That's the impression I got from Sarah at least. From the sounds of it IE was rendering the <div> for the side navigation slightly too far to the left, and underneath the main content. Better that than covering up the content I suppose, but Christ on a crutch already...

And yes, I am sure that it's not a screen size issue. After I got done swearing I had her load up the site in Firefox, which I made sure to put on her system when I rebuilt it recently. Lo and behold, all is right with the world. Or at least with the html rendering, which is all I'm really concerned with in this post.



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