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May 31, 2004

Manic Monday

or <q>Ahh, pop culture references, how pithy...</q>

It's Monday, Memorial Day to be precise. Normally what one would considered a fairly laid back day for most folks in the US, being a holiday and all—not that it's really all that much different for those of us who remain unemployed I suppose . Not for me though, I'm sitting here having a little manic attack, worrying about the fact that I've been awake for about 7 ½ hours, and only two of the many projects that I have started today are finished. And somehow I don't think painting a dwarf for Warhammer Quest really counts as a grand accomplishment.

Start one project and finish it before moving on you say? Bah, fuck you. What part of manic attack did you not comprehend? This is not the normal, rational behavior I might have, this is me being a friggin' spaz of epic proportions. I only have so much patience today before projects get the boot, to be replaced with something that might actually get completed without multiple annoying complications.

Postscript 1:

Just for the record, the latest ATI Catalyst Drivers do not like to complete the install process over a Remote Desktop connection.

Postscript 2:

If anyone knows how to get my SMC2671W to properly function as WAN for my Barricade, please contact me. I'll be damned if I can get these fuckers to talk to each other properly.

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