Erstwhile Muse

May 31, 2004

Fleeting Glimpses

Slowly, unhurriedly I drifted back to consciousness, lying askew in a tangle of sheets near the center of the bed. There was a growing sensation of something missing, and something there that was not normally there. I rolled over and stretched out, taking a deep early morning breath.

It was her scent, lingering on the pillow.

It was the fresh, subtle scent of her hair that had filled my nostrils the night before as we had snuggled tight with each other, chatting long into the early morning hours before drifting off to sleep. Sometime during the night I had shifted over to her side. She was gone of course; she had only stayed the night because the hotel elevators had broken down.

That first, early morning thought, was that I missed her.

No, I thought to myself, as groggy half-awake remnants of dreams cleared themselves from my head, it's not her that I miss. What I missed of course was having someone there, someone warm and soft and curved in all the right places to hold onto and be held by. Snuggles she called it.

Yeah, it was definitely the Snuggles I was missing...



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