Erstwhile Muse

May 7, 2004

Aaaaaaaaand we're back...

A quick note from the laziness brigade.

Ok, so I haven't been that good on the whole daily thing as of late. Then again I have been moving, and doing a relative metric ass-ton of posing lately, so I think I am somewhat justified.

On a more positive, forward thinking note though—when the hell did I get so much fucking corp-speak into my daily usage—it appears Google is allowing Blogger users a chance to test out GMail, the much anticipated and somewhat maligned email service they are rolling onto the internet. Which at least gives me a quick and dirty entry to get me back into the swing of things.

That's right, I've got a gig of space, so why the hell not see how quickly we can clog it up with spam. I'll be making a quick change to the template I'm using to allow for anyone with a hankering to email my Gmail—say that real fast to sound like an utter maroon—account by clicking the author credits at the bottom of each entry. Ah, what the hell, might as well add it to the side bar as well. While we're at it, feel like bugging me and very likely getting no response whatsoever? Click here for your mailing pleasure.



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