Erstwhile Muse

Apr 11, 2004

What a surprise...

or <q>IE fucks it up again</q>

So I'm at my parents house today visiting for Easter, and as usual I need to use one of my various and sundry gadgets to do oddish things with their computer. Today's project involves using my Archos to run EAC and copy the resulting .wavs and .mp3s to the external hard drive ( a process which, by the way, doesn't work very well when the external power supply falls out of the socket). All this is running over a USB 1.1 connection, so while it works fairly well, it is on the slowish side, leaving me with some time to kill.

Here's where I get my daily allowance of annoyance for the day, all thanks to the spectacularly craptacular non-compliance of Internet Explorer. Now on my system(s) at home I use K-Meleon as my browser. It's a nice lightweight little WIN32 native Mozilla spinoff project that serves me well on a daily basis. Now obviously, that means I get the benefit of having reasonably up to date Gecko rendering engine in my browser, which is one of the most standards compliant browser bases currently coded. I like standards, they make me happy in strange geeky ways.

IE in it's current form therefore makes me decidedly unhappy. I've spent some time as it is trying to bang Blogger's default template into something a little more semantic and standards based (not that they did a horrible job, they just made some odd choices of HTML elements and such) only to find that, surprise surprise, IE fucks it up once again. It's been a while since I had used IE, and it had slipped my mind that they completely fail to support rather basic element like fixed positioning in CSS. Sure, there are hacks and workarounds, but since this is a personal project and not something I'm doing for someone else, I hate to use stupid tricks to take into account IE's suckness. In the interim, I guess the rightcontent <div> will just have to use absolute instead of fixed positioning.



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