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Apr 20, 2004

A severe Vitamin DHC deficiency

Give me a Blue Plate Special with a side of Skinhead BBQ please...

One of the problems of having many, many gigabytes of music at one's fingertips is that every once in awhile you lose track of just what it is you have available, and end up rediscovering your own music. This is a problem that seems to be recurring for me when it comes to the Dance Hall Crashers. Now you would think I would be able to keep a better handle on this band; if someone were to ask me out of the blue what my favorite band is—I don't have any one single that is my favorite, but that's neither here nor there—the answer that would more than likely pop out on any given day would be DHC. I was originally introduced the them by Lee, who was lucky enough to be living in Hawaii at the time they were there playing clubs, and they have remained pretty consistently one of my favorite groups of musicians.

Ooh,oooh, hold that thought....

[Kingboy does a little chibi skankin' ala Blue Monday to Whiskey and Gin which just came on.]

Sorry, where was I? Ah yes, the Dance Hall Crashers.

Every once in a while though I will find myself flipping through the directories on my Archos aimlessly looking for something to listen to when I find I've wandered into the Ska folder, and a little light goes on, Oh, yeah...I remember them now. I'll push play, and all is good with the world. I can get picky about music; not as far as genres go, but about what I will listen to at any given time. I need to have my soundtrack match my mood or activity, I can't try and use music to change my mood around, it just doesn't work for me. That's what consistently amazes me about DHC though, they are the exception to an otherwise inviolable rule. I have yet to find a time or mood that makes me unable to listen to them. Why then do I keep forgetting I own their music is simply beyond my reckoning.

Now if you'll excuse me, there's an mp3 player on random shuffle mode waiting for me to continue.

Out on the dance floor everything's gonna be all right.
Out on the dance floor
Dance Hall
Dance Hall Crashers tonight

Chynna Clugston-Major, creator of the aforementioned Blue Monday, is what we in the bidness call a hottie hot hottie. Just so ya know.


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