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Sep 16, 2003

Road Trip

or On a Highway to Hell

So it's about 7:58 pm, and while the stretch of 70 west through Indiana that we are currently on doesn't really classify quite typically as hell, the fact that we should have been this way about four hours previously had been a little irksome. But I let that go back before we crossed the Ohio border....I'm really just along for the ride after all.

So we're well on our way now, and the classic rock station is lending that soundtrack atmosphere to the car. The sun has set, leaving us driving straight into a flaming horizon no more. And, more importantly, my newly aqcuired power inverter seems to be powering my laptop nicely, so I will have plenty to occupy myself with. All in all a much needed vacation.

Ah... but I hear you say out there, where is it that you are headed ? That's a very good question...which reminds me, I need to grab the directions and navigate for a moment, lest we somehow miss Chicago and end up in a rather large body of water.

Ahh, one radio station fades out and in comes a little ragtime jazz, much more to my liking. Strangely enough, the air is full of the scent of watermelon, which sounds awfully tasty right now to be quite honest. That's a vacation I have to try sometime, a little trip down to New Orleans for some jazz and zydeco, and plenty of creole cooking. The only trick is when to go, seeing as now I loathe the heat of Ohio summers, let alone any place further south and more humid.

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