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Aug 15, 2003


or <q>That seems oddly appropriate</q>

I didn't find the javascript lessons over at W3Schools particularly educational, so I wandered a bit, and found my new vocabulary word of the day thanks to Doc Searls. Those of you who know me will find the definitions of jeremiad rather fitting. I find it amusing to learn that word on a day where I read an interview with Tom Tomorrow, who ends the interview with these quotes:

Salon:Have you ever written positive cartoons?
TT:Oh, come on.
Salon:I don't know. Some moment when you were overcome by a burst of cheerfulness?
TT:It is not a frequent occurrence. But I wouldn't do what I do if there wasn't an inherent optimism there. It's an optimism tinged with bitterness and frustration but if I didn't believe that things can get better then I would go live in some remote farmhouse somewhere and ignore the world entirely.

Amen. Speaking of which, maybe I should see if I can dig up a Bible and go read Jeremiah, find out what's in there that spawned the word initially. On a vaguely related note, this reminded me of research I had done in the past on the meanings of names, particularly as it applied to MY name. I'm not entirely convinced of the etymological veracity of this information anymore, but from what I recall my name can basically be understood to mean Ruler appointed by God. I'm not entirely sure that's a crowd I would want to be a part of these days, given some of the other folks who seem to think that's the case. Besides, have you seen how many friggin' Jeremy King's are running around out there? Even though I'm sure I'm better armed than most of the others, I somehow doubt I would gain superpowers if I were the last man standing, so confrontation would be rather pointless. Maybe we all just need to band together and take over instead....yeah,that's the ticket.

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