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Jul 22, 2003

Some more Information

or <q>What the fuck is with the monkey?</q>

Ok, so right now this is a fairly barebones, basic page. That's fine with me for now; as I stated below, it's pretty much gonna be random flux whenever I get a hankering to change something or experiment. Just so there is no confusion however, let me offer up the following guidlines I use when updating here:

  1. I use K-Meleon as my main browser. I choose to do so for several reasons, one of which is the fact that it uses the Mozilla project's Gecko rendering engine, currently the most standards-compliant cross platform user agent engine out there.
  2. As a result of Fact #1, I could give a shit less what this site looks like in IE of any flavor. I may do some testing now and then in Konqueror (and I guess, very vaguely by association in Safari) by loading up Knoppix on the laptop, but I am tired of trying to deal with all of IE's non-compliant bullshit. I like PNG's, I like playing with CSS, and this is my page to play.
  3. There is the distinct possibilty, in case you hadn't already noticed, that I may use profanity on occasion. A small possiblity mind you, but an existant possiblity none the less. You have been forewarned.

So what about the goddam monkey you say? Simple, he's a place holder; part of my plan is to have multiple icons that I can tack on to individual articles as I see fit. So far, he's the only one I have on hand. Bits and pieces af a few more are wandering around somewhere, I just don't have access to them on my laptop at the moment.


Some of this post may not make terrible sense, particularly the monkey references, as they reffered to the old design at

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