Erstwhile Muse

Jul 22, 2003

The Show gets on the Road

or <q>How I learned to get off my ass and just post something</q>

Ok, so I've had this domain for well over a year now, and what precisely have I done with it? Oh yeah that's right:

  1. jack
  2. shit

Well, enough of that nonsense. I need to practice my writing, markup and design, and I don't want to have to worry about 'the people'. Drooling half-wit mogoloids anyways...

Besides, if Zeldman can be in a constant redesign phase, so can my little site hiding off here in the hinterlands of the network. Hell, just getting this little bit ready to put online showed me a few new things with CSS positioning and the overuse of div's, some of the errors I was making in setting margins, so it should be a useful tool no matter how 'finished' or polished this site is at any one time.



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