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Jun 23, 2004

Following the links

During my little burst of creative activity today I had Say Anything playing in the background for some noise. This is important for two reasons:

  1. Apparently I am the only member of my generation to have not seen this movie growing up, or at least that's what the insipid interstitial before and after the commercials would have one believe.
  2. Lloyd Dobler is apparently is the poster boy for a new post-feminist plague

How do I know this? Follow along as we wend our way through some of my recent reading...

The Suicide Girls website has been a bit of a recurring theme as of late. I now know two girls—well, I know one directly and one indirectly—who have been accepted to submit photo shoots for the site. Neither one has their photos on the site yet, but that didn't stop Ruth from looking to see if any of Tona's photos had been posted yet.

Now I should have been making fun of her for this, since she was apparently doing this at work, but I find it hard to interrupt cute redheads when they tell me they are looking at porn—call it a character flaw if you will. While she didn't find what she was looking for, she did bring Lotus to my attention, under the auspices of similar appearances—her, not me of course. I will admit, the glasses and pigtails and certain facial features do lend a commonish appearance; I can't comment on anything else since the stingy bastards on don't have anything but headshots of Lotus up in the free areas.

After the eye candy effect wore off I went ahead and started reading Lotus' journal entries. When I read it yesterday, the top entry was a brief one leading to the article MEET THE WHIMPSTER: THE MANIPULATIVE ASSHOLE IN SENSITIVE CLOTHING. Methinks someone has had some recent dating issues. Or perhaps multiple someones.

Either way I think I'm glad the only two gentlemen pictured in the article that I actually recognized were Moby and Al Gore. I don't think I'm really missing anything...

On the other hand, I am amused that according to the ridiculous little poll they have as a sidebar, I rate on the low end of the metrosexual scale.



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