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Jan 23, 2009

[MOBILE] My kingdom for a simple fucking image editor on this fucking phone....

By all rights, the process of taking and sending photos on my current camphone *should* be easier than it was on my old burner, the VM Cyclops. Sadly this is not the case.

Oh sure, it's cheaper now that I have unlimited text and a removable memory card. That's the only benefit, and it comes at a pretty hefty cost. Hardware-wise, I've exchanged the Cyclop's LED "flash" for the ability to take photos with the camera closed--mhe. Add to that though the fact that Verizon's photo software blows; no cropping, resizing, nor rotating functions to be had, even as a for-pay download. Forget posting anything shot portrait mode directly to Facebook et. al....

Also, let it be known that if I *ever* run into the fucking idiot UI designer(s) that decided to make both the Send *AND* OK buttons send text messages, especially given that *both* are easily accidentally pressed trying to use the fucking recessed four-way rocker switch or the CLR button, I *will* give them a 50,000 volt Tesla enema.


Dec 8, 2008

[MOBILE] What I've learned so far (when it comes to mobile posting)...

Well, it seems my first test for the new phone was decidedly more successful than the singular test for the ol' Cyclops I used to have on Virgin Mobile. For one, the attached photo actually came through since Verizon sends standard MMS messages instead of the goofy malformed versions that VM spat forth. Additionally, Verizon spares me from dealing with retarded, deprecated markup like the <center> tags foisted upon me by some braindead marketdroid from VM who I am sure thought they were "hip" and "cool" (most assuredly spurred on by crappy focus group testing/demographic data). As a bonus, I can now correctly send some special control characters like "return", allowing me to utilize--gasp!--paragraphs, unlike before (although it seems you need two of them together to get a new line action out of them).

So all in all it seems a much more useable system, with those issues that I have had so far being only those that can be lain at the feet of inept UI designers. C'est la vie...


Dec 6, 2008

FWD:Testing anything on here?

As I was bemoaning recently, my phone is currently the most powerful computing platform I own (or would be if I could get the 4 gig memory card to work on a regular basis). My ancient and decrepit lappy is currently suffering from a bad case of fuxored Xubuntu which is making me ponder going back to Windows 2000 so I can at least check my email without frustration (although as a friend said "blame the distro, not Linux"--which I shall, since Debian w/XFCE didn't cause me nearly this many problems). And my main system is still out with a case of dead motherboard, a particularly onerous condition to remedy there days as Socket A/462 boards are no longer being made.
So, in the meantime I am left testing my options for utilizing the phone for a variety of new uses (new to me at least). I've had Twitter up and running for a while now in the sidebar, not that I would have expected most people to notice due to chronic lack of other activity. Now it's time to test the phone's other skizzles.

May 13, 2008

There's a large truck here at CSCC giving out free Glad Handy-vacs....more to come on this later.
 Blogger gossip girl said...

i have a handy-vac and it totally rocks! i vacuum produce after i cut it and they all last weeks longer, ravioli from north market, semi-soft cheeses, etc. i dig it.

Mar 31, 2009, 9:58:00 PM

Apr 1, 2008

Everyone should go out and buy a copy of the Columbus Dispatch (or visit the website) to see my mug on the front page.
 Blogger MAD said...

and I thought that was an April Fools joke at first.

Yay Mr. King, congrats on being in the paper!


Apr 1, 2008, 3:07:00 PM

Mar 27, 2008

Chase Tower, Downtown Chicago

This message is from a Virgin Mobile user. Enjoy.

Upon exiting the CTA's Blue line station at Monroe (having taken said train downtown from O'Hare), one thing was certain, and that was the weather's unhappiness at our arrival. Aside from that, it wasn't sure whether it wanted to rain, snow or sleet, so it decided to alternate between them, finally settling on all three precipitates at once. The (hopefully) enclosed photo is the fog-enshrouded view that greeted us ("us" in this case being myself, my parents, and the German exchange student they've been hosting) upon emerging from the tunnels below. I say hopefully, as I've not yet tried sending photos and accompanying text Blogger via the new phone. While it's more expensive ($0.25 as opposed to $0.05) it's also more expansive, allowing for 1000 characters over the haiku-like 150+ characters of the text only messages .

From the Department of Standards (SNAFU Divison)

I decided to go ahead and add the photo to this post manually, since apparently Virgin Mobile uses an entirely non-standard form of MMS that Blogger cannot handle. I've also left the horrible—and deprecated—HTML coding they used, ridiculous center tags (really VM, center tags—who the hell sends emails/IMs with the text centered?) and all for posterity and as personal reference.


Jan 18, 2008

"I'm white and I love Black People and white people Everybody here is fucking gay grow the fuck up." - Anon. CTL-CSCC(1st floor mens

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